Design Capabilities
  • Design and overall strength calculation of tank – for static, dynamic, earthquake and wind loads.
  • In design calculation, including submission to the Department Of Environmental (DOE) – for fume scrubber and dust collector.

Cradotex fiberglass product technology is based on innovative research and a thorough knowledge of process control and application technol

Our skilled staff is knowledgeable in the use of all resins systems and the understanding of the laminating process further ensures the overall success of our FRP related products and also accessories like custom made flanged nozzles, access and view ports, threaded couplings, heated panel systems, chimneys, stack and stack liners, either free standing or supported, threaded baffles, level gauges, agitator supports, platforms, ladders and handrail systems

Our Quality Control in both the manufacture of materials and methods resulted in finished products with ultimate quality characteristics meeting international standards and recognition such as British Standard and American National Standards.


At Cradotex, we are committed to manufacturing excellence and quality is our standard and customer service is our specialty.

Cradotex place great importance on the continuous training of our staff to keep up with our customer’s needs and quality standards.

We have a team of experienced Design Engineers to provide a wide range of custom design of shapes, sizes and able to fabricate products per customers’ configurations in Cradotex Integrated Manufacturing Center.

Cradotex can also provide field assembled tanks meeting space and capacity requirements at customers’ site. Their flanged sections are pre-assembled in Cradotex to ensure proper fit and dis-assembled prior to shipping to the job site.

At present, Cradotex is manufacturing a wide range of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic related products such as Underground Effluent Tanks, Chemical Process Tanks, Silos, Industrial Effluent Treatment System (underground and above ground ducting), Fume Scrubber System, Treatment Works, Gutters, Anti-corrosion Lining, Panels and Insulators and Boats.

In addition, Cradotex can offer field modification; cleaning, repairs and inspection services of FRP finished products upon request.
As a custom fabricator, Cradotex is ready with its capability and flexibility to meet the challenges of the dynamic market demands quickly and economically and built to industry standards.